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A selection of reviews so far

Christine would love to receive your comments about The Essex Scrubber - Keeping it clean - so please send any to  Thank You.

Dear Christine,


I've just finished reading your book.  Only started yesterday evening and finished it off about a half an hour ago.  You've managed to produce one of the most readable books I've ever read; highly engaging, emotive and compelling - thank you.  I really hope sales continue to go well for you and wanted to add my compliments for an excellent read - simply brilliant.


Rtn M H, Colchester.


What a Lady our Essex Scrubber is.


A joy to read, a touching and very true account of how great things can be achieved through very difficult times. Christine is an inspiration to all women being a mother, carer and breadwinner in a male dominated world who brought great benefits to all of her employees.


I couldn't put the book down and it is on my shopping list for gifts for my friends at Christmas. I can't wait for the next book - please publish it soon!


Sarah W

Dear Mrs Beedle I have just finished reading your book ‘The Essex Scrubber’ and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. My wife had left it on the sideboard when she had finished reading it. I picked it up and was quickly engrossed. I am sure the experts would say that it is a textbook on how NOT to start in business; but you did, and you succeeded. At the same time, your portrayal of the various characters is so realistic and life-like. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do hope that there will be a sequel. I also believe that it would make brilliant television; have you thought of approaching the powers-that-be to discuss the possibility. Very best wishes – and thank you again. P R S

My dearest Christine

Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book.

A and I are spending a week in France and this is the first opportunity I have had to sit down and relax.  I started reading your book yesterday and have so enjoyed it, only reluctantly putting it to one side to make coffee or a meal before enthusiatically starting another absorbing chapter.  I've been alternating between howls of laughter, emotions and tears and have used nearly as many tissues as you!  A says he's never seen me so engrossed in a book - ever!

What a wonderful, and diverse, team you gathered together over the years, despite the inevitable odd one or two that didn't quite make the grade.

You clearly have another amazing talent with your writing and I so look forward to the next one; if you need someone to proof-read or even type the draft, I'll happily do that for you.

With very best wishes  H


It was many years ago that I remember our friends, Pete and Chris Chapman, telling us about their ideas for a new cleaning business that was to be Christine’s means of support after Pete was unable to provide for the family. Little did we know, at that time, that we were witnessing the birth of a cleaning business like no other.


The Essex Scrubber is the story of that birth, and of the personal values upon which it eventually achieved great success. In her telling of that fascinating story, Christine exposes her innermost feelings during times of great emotional stress. This captures the conflicting emotions of the moment in a most powerful way.


This is a compelling story of Christine’s perceptive recognition of the management inadequacies within the cleaning businesses of the day, and of how this led to her resolve to promote an approach based on personal example and loyalty to staff as well as to the client. Her idealistic vision and tenacity of purpose captured the hearts of hard-bitten Business - and Union - leaders, and her business grew accordingly.


The Essex Scrubber is a blend of pathos, determination, and humour that is very moving. It is also proof positive of the importance of nurturing the human spirit as an essential element of success in any business venture.


It makes compelling reading.



What a good read. I honestly didn't want to put it down! I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the sequel. It was such a good, honest story of love, courage and determination against the odds. Mrs Chapman certainly pulled out the punches when needed but remained a loyal, loving and caring wife and mother and treated her employees with the same degree of care.



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